Prix Fixe

Prix Fixe Meaning

Something I learned along the way and had to ask what it meant.  

What is Prix Fixe?  Well Prix Fixe is the French word for fixed price, so if you go into a restaurant, and you see Prix Fixe on the menu followed by a price, you know you will be getting a full meal (usually an appetizers main meal, and dessert) for that  fixed price. In most cases, wine, cocktails, and most beverages are not included in Prix Fixe offers, but you might get a bottomless glass of soda (or pop if you're not from New England).

How Do you say Prix Fixe?  The correct way to say it is Pree Feeks, but if you say Prefix, they will certainly know what you mean.  

Do I tip on Prix Fixe meals?  Absolutely!  The server is still doing their job, so please consider that even if you are getting a great price.  Many times servers work harder or bring more dishes since many items, that some might not order

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