Christmas Ornaments with cocktails inside!

Get Your Holiday Home Ready

Are you looking for a fun way to serve your cocktails or unique holiday party ideas?  How about using large Christmas ornaments that holds Two... yes, Two servings!  (I also have a smaller size ornaments that holds one cocktail serving).  You could also incorporate this idea for both red or white wine (see below for keeping them chilled). These happen to be glass, but you can look for non-toxic acrylic ornaments. PS: don’t forget to wash them, both inside and out before filling them!

Christmas Ornaments for hosting dinner
Christmas ornaments martini glass
Only use plastic for your guests! Not only is it safer than glass, but they can easily be taken home as gifts.

Only use plastic for your guests! Not only is it safer than glass, but they can easily be taken home as gifts.

To keep the Christmas ornaments upright, I placed them on a muffin tin covered with a white towel, but you could also use the cardboard container that the ornaments may have come in.  If the muffin tin is disposable, can you imagine how pretty it would be with fluffy white boa feathers hot glued to the tin? 

To keep drinks chilled, place the muffin tin into a shallow pan, such as a roasting pan or aluminum foil container, that has ice or ice packs on the bottom, then cover the muffin tin and pan with a cloth, tea towel, or linen to conceal.  

Christmas ornaments for martinis or cocktails

To keep it simple, all I did for these was to add a metallic bow, but you can be sure for a party, they would be either embellished with wine charms or names written on the ornament so that guests would know whose is whose once the party began. 

Christmas ornaments ornamentini cocktail presentation 1
Christmas ornaments with wine charm

While I was putting these together, I could not help myself from thinking about other holiday party ideas that this could be used for.  The Christmas ornaments could be made into halloween pumpkin ornaments and served with an orange libation. For the fourth of July, red, white and blue cocktails, or margaritas for Cinco de Mayo.  The possibilities are endless especially since plastic Christmas ornaments come in all shapes and sizes.