40 Things My Mother Has Taught Me

The day I wrote this was on Mother's Day and while I sat and sipped my morning coffee, I enjoyed fond memories of my childhood and some of the many things my mother has taught me whether by her words, expressed thoughts, her own actions or pure osmosis.  

Some are very important, some are frivolous, while others are her own personal thoughts and habits that I chose to emulate or at least strive to.  

40 things my mother has shared with me over the years.  Happy Mother's Day! 

1. Be polite.
2. Hold the door for those behind you.
3. When you talk about someone, pretend they are standing behind you.  Would you still say what you want to say?
4. Make your bed each morning.
5. It's okay to be over dressed at a social event or gathering.  It's better to be overdressed than under dressed.
6. Always wear lipstick.
7. You get more out of life with sugar than vinegar.
8. The scent of fresh sheets, that have been hanging outside during the day, make for an amazing nights sleep.
9. Smiling when you don't feel like it, will make you feel better.
10. Be on time.
11. House work and gardening can be very therapeutic if you don't look at it as a chore.
12. Getting up early allows you to enjoy one of the most beautiful parts of the day.
13. Even when you are interdependent in a relationship, it is very important to still be independent.
14. Match your shoes with your outfits.
15. Be patient
16. If you help others, it will come back to you some day.
17. Volunteer your time to non-profit groups.
18. Look at the beauty, architecture, and history of the buildings that surround you.
19. Hard work never goes unnoticed.
20. Live life to the fullest.
21. Our bodies are our temple.  Take care of it.
22. When peer pressure happens, ask yourself, "would my parents be proud of me if they found out?"
23. It's okay to say no.
24. Even when you love your children equally, each love will be different and special in its own way.
25. Listen to your dreams, they are very telling.
26. Woman's intuition is very real.
27. All things happen for a reason.
28. Keep in touch with old friends.
29. Playing music while doing housework makes you dance and enjoy the moment.
30. You never stop learning.
31. You will never feel your age if you allow yourself to think and feel young.
32. Listen to your heart.
33. Keep moving, your body will thank you for it.
34. You can never be too old to follow your dreams and passions.  Go for it.
35. Reach for the brass ring.
36. It's okay to have breakfast for dinner.
37. Name brands don't matter, but quality does.
38. Form follows function.
39. When it comes to objects and cleaning the clutter, don't love something that can't love you back.
40. Don't lie.  If you do, you will have to remember your lie and story for the rest of your life.

40 things my mother taught me


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