A moment of gratitude

Christmas window outside looking in

I made mention yesterday on our social feeds about how I love to go outside and look into our home. For some reason I get a whole different perspective of the room and I feel grateful for having a roof over my head. As for the seeing the room differently when I am outside vs in, I’m not sure if it’s because I can’t see the dust bunnies on the floor, the half painted walls, the cold cup of coffee I left behind hours before, or just the fact that I am living in the moment due to only having one view.

What surprised me was how many others love to stand outside of their homes and look in AND love peeking in the windows of others. I know I’m guilty! When I lived in Marblehead, one of my simple pleasures was to walk downtown while pushing my children in their baby carriage. The soft glow escaping from within highlighted old wavy-glass panes as the windows framed the scene within like it was from a storybook.

I looked forward to those walks and still do. Now that I live on a main street, in a small downtown village, my home is now one that people walk and drive by and can easily peek in. The shoe is on the other foot now! :-) As often as possible I leave the shades up for those passing by so they too can enjoy a bit of “living in the moment”. Other times, When the Mr. and I are sipping wine and watching a movie, on our way-too-large tv that came with us from our other home, I put our bottom up or top down blinds to work and give ourselves a bit of privacy.