DIY Napkin Rings For Under A Dollar Each

Other than using our sterling silver napkin rings, I have made plenty of napkin rings in the past, especially for client parties. But I have to admit, I never used inexpensive plastic Shower Curtain Rings before and I couldn’t be more pleased with how they came out and how fast they were to make. I have a feeling I will be making a lot more napkin rings in my future and I will need to designate a drawer for them, that’s for sure!

items needed to make napkin rings

During a Dollar Tree visit, just to pick up a few gift bags and boxes for cookie swap and brunch I was hosting, I passed a box of shower curtain rings and without warning, my crafting lightbulb quickly went off over my head. I knew if I could find the right item to hot glue or tie onto the plastic ring, I would be able to make quick personalized napkin rings for the brunch.

Items needed to make these napkin rings:

Hot Glue Gun

Shower Curtain Rings

Ornaments or small decorative item

A little time…. coffee… tea…. or possibly wine

Clear Shower Curtain Rings

Clear Shower Curtain Rings

White Christmas Tree Ornament

White Christmas Tree Ornament

The ornament wall was full of inexpensive choices and I grabbed these white sparkling Christmas trees and the red sparkling Merry Christmas ornaments.

White Christmas Ornaments
Red merry Christmas ornaments

All that needs to be done is make sure the napkin ring is clicked closed, add a medium size bead of hot glue onto the top of the ring (I placed the seam of the ring on the table since it showed when I tried using it under these particular ornaments), place the ornament or object onto the hot glue and let is sit for a moment before trying to touch and adjust it.

Once they are glued on and cooled, I added a couple more beads of glue to the underside of the ornament to secure it firmly onto the shower curtain ring and voila! DIY napkin rings!