Find an inspiration piece and use it to select colors in your room.

One thing that helps me with a design project is hands-on visuals and the below decorating tip is one I love to use. It brings out my inner child to work paint chips, scissors, glue, and a hole punch.

As a quick overview, I like tp find an inspiration piece when designing a room. Keep in mind, the item could be one you just like and does not have to be used in the project. The painting below was one I found at Homegoods and I purchased it due to the main colors of, and shades of, black, white, and green. I am using this color palette a lot in our home, so I knew I would have a place for it.

Once in our home, I found that it only fit on three walls in our home due to windows and doors in our small rooms. It may end up in my kitchen, but for now it is being used in our new master bedroom as my inspiration piece for colors I want to bring into our space since I find them calming.

I have plans to paint the barley twist bed, but I am going to wait until I find the right window treatment fabric. Once I do, then I will paint the bed and create a dust ruffle to complement the window treatments and painting. And let me be honest, by the time I find the fabrics, I may move the art to another room that is currently under construction.

black green white colors

In a video below you will see how I selected paint chip colors from the painting, cut them out , and placed into a binder to use while in my office or out shopping.

paint sample for decorating .jpg
home and lifestyle blog decorating .jpg

Once I found a color chip that matched a paint color in the painting, I would cut it out then use a hole punch to view the color through it. I have been doing this for almost thirty years and I thought it was great when paint manufacturers started doing it on their samples. It is so helpful!

paint color selection home decorating .jpg

Below is a youtube video if you would like to see a bit more on how I use paint samples to help me shop for other items.