Some of New Englands first flown flags


Hanging over the front door of the Longfellow Wayside Inn, in Sudbury, MA, the Cambridge or Grand Union Flag was the first use of the 13 stripes - circa 1775

New England Colonial Flag 1737

Here is the New England Colonial Flag of 1737 or Bunker Hill Flag - This colonial flag is on a home in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, just on the outskirts of Strawberry Banke, a historical museum.  

Flags of New England

In the hallway of the Longfellow Wayside Inn, this sign shows some of the flags the we fly in New England with their dates. 

flags in Newport Rhode Island

The American Flag and the Union Flag (also known as Union Jack and the Royal Union Flag)

Flag in New England - Salem Ma.JPG

This flag is on a historic home in Salem, MA. This is yet another I need to find out more about.  It combines the "Union Flag, Union Jack, Royal Union Flag" in the corner, but it is lacking the 13 stripes.  This home is The Phillips House and is part of Historic New England.  I will need to reach out and find out more about this flag.