Fresh cut peonies from the garden

By the end of May and beginning of June, our peonies are usually in full bloom. At the time of this photo, in 2016, we had the strangest winter; flowers were growing and blooming slower than usual. For me this was a minor inconvenience since I wanted to use a certain peony, from my garden, in my wedding bouquet. 

pink peonies.jpg

The peonies in these photos did not bloom until after we returned from our honeymoon in late June, but I believe someone was looking over my garden and me and made one of the peony plants bloom the morning of our wedding, which was on June 4th. I had no back up plan since I was determined I would even carry the greens (yes I am that stubborn when I have a vision) and I was so happy to assemble my wedding bouquet the morning of our wedding.  l share a bit more about why that one particular plant is so special to me in my next post, but in the meantime, I wanted to show you these gorgeous pink and white peonies that I am leaving behind.  You can be sure I will be planting peonies in the garden of our new home, including my one special peony plant which I DID exclude from the sale and dug up.  It now sits in a large pot in my sister in-laws garden until we are in our new home. 

pink and white peonies.jpg
pink and white peonies in basket.jpg
Cutting pink and white peonies in the garden.jpg