Take time to smell the roses... I mean lily of the valley in my Grasshopper shoes

A simple pleasure of mine is grabbing the mail out of the mailbox and plunking myself down next to one of our gardens and take in the sweet smell of the season.  Today the lily of the valley was in full bloom and the air is full of its signature scent.  I could not pass up this opportunity since they will be gone in a few days. 

windham eyelet white shoe grasshopper EF57903

For now, my sneakers are as crisp and white as the lily of the valley, but I am sure that won't last long. I had a similar pair of white Grasshopper slip ons, shown below, that I wore on our honeymoon two years ago, but they got too dirty to clean. A few weeks back my husband saw me trying to clean them and dry them in the sun, but it was an epic fail. They are so comfortable, I resorted to using white shoe polish on them so that I could at least wear them on quick errands without looking like I walked through a dirt pile first.

A week later, these white eyelet slip-ons arrived at our doorstep like magic. My husband Ben took the time to grab my old pair and look them up online and ordered them for me.  What a sweetheart! They are a little different than the first pair, but my size was not available. I am please do say they are just as comfortable though.  The first pair is shown in another photo further down the page.  

EF57903 Grasshopper white slip on

These white slip-on sneakers are perfect with jeans, shorts, skorts, and casual dresses. 

Below is a picture from our honeymoon at the Four Seasons on Nevis  This was before I took golf lessons and used to ride around in the cart with a good book while Ben golfed.  You can see the very slight difference with this Winhdam slip-on. 

Grasshopper Windham Slipon Nevis

While supplies last, these are the two pairs I have. I am a size 6.5, so if you are too, inventory is  limited at this time. 

Grasshoppers Women's Windham Slip-On, White Eyelet, 12 M USr>Grasshoppers Women's Windham Slip-On, White Eyelet, 12 M US