Our Home Sweet Haunted Home and Halloween Haunted House Party

home sweet haunted home

Owning an old home, with all of its creaking and squeaking, there are many times we wonder or jokingly say …. “was that our resident ghost?”. Oh the fun stories I could tell. Some of the fun and interesting happenings I can debunk easily after a bit of exploration or thought, other happenings, not so much. Does it bother me? Nope! Our house has such good and comforting vibes, I like to believe some of the energy of those before us still resonate within the walls of our home.

I am going to put myself out there and say with pride “I’m a believer”. We are all made of energy and it has to to somewhere once we pass on. I’m guessing many of you are rolling your eyes right now, and that’s okay. I’m also guessing some of you are closet believers. What’s a closet believer? I started using that two-word phrase when far too many told me their homes were haunted or they believe in the things that go bump in the night (and day too), but won’t say anything for fear their friends will think they are completely bonkers. I love hearing closet believers tell me their own “energy experiences” and see a sense of relief in their faces when I don’t laugh at them or look at them like they should be taken away in a straight jacket.

If your’e not a believer, that’s okay!

For those of you who live in old homes, work in old buildings, and new properties too, that have odd happenings, you might understand what I’m talking about. I would love to hear your stories below. If you’re shy, you can email me and I will re-share anonymously for you!

If I receive enough stories, I might create a new post of anonymous ghost stories for all to read, and maybe it will be released on Halloween Eve or Halloween. Thoughts? .

Okay, now for the party!

house in new England dressed up for halloween

Our 2018 Halloween Party, which was also my 53rd birthday.

As we enter October, I thought I would share photos of our 2018 Halloween Haunted House party. As I mention in the YouTube video, I did not take many photos the night of the party, but I do have some pictures I took while I was setting up.

One thing I didn’t mention in the Halloween House Tour Video, is that we had about 60 guests RSVP for our costume party, but the night of the party, we got hit with a horrible Nor’Easter . The driving rain and whipping winds reduced visibility making it unsafe to drive. Many of our guests would have been driving from Cape Cod and the North Shore of Boston; I was pleased to hear and understood when they decided not to make the journey out.

For those who did drive and brave the storm, of the guests they let out a heavy sigh of relief once they entered the house and shook the heavy droplets of rain from their coats.

I believe two to three people make a party, so for the 28 or so braved the storm, I felt grateful and blessed. Some of the guests that arrived were neighbors we had not met yet, or even Instagrammers I chatted with often. It certainly was an interesting way of introducing ourselves to say the least. I joked with my husband that if anyone did not like us, at least we were in costume and they wouldn’t recognize us if we ever bumped into them in public. LOL

This is a few photos of our party, but if you would like to watch a video on my YouTube Channel , here is the link to the Halloween House Tour Video. If you like the video, or any others you might watch, please like it and feel free to comment. If you’re not following me on YouTube already, please do! I will be creating more videos once the construction quiets down in our home.

jack o lantern looking out a window
Something wicked this way comes New England witch
Halloween crows
dining room decorated for Halloween
rat skeleton halloween.jpg
Skeleton grazing buffet
skeleton grazing buffet table
skeleton under glass cloche

On my 53rd birthday, this is my version of a mid-life crisis vampire, there are a couple more past costumes shown on my Youtube video, including Snow White pumping gas and years worth of costumes in my party pooper room (more on the party pooper room in my Halloween House Tour Photo Video ).

Happy Halloween! Linda,