Hotel Viking - Newport, Rhode Island

A visit to the Hotel Viking in historic Newport, RI

I know this is quite a bit out of sequence, but during warmer days of spring and simmer, isn't it a bit refreshing to see a bit of snow?

It was on a chilly February evening, in 2016, when I jumped into my car and drove south to Newport, Rhode Island. I was given the opportunity for New England Fine Living’s IG and facebook followers to enjoy a virtual stay at the Hotel Viking with me as I took over the Hotel Vikings Instagram account for the weekend.

Hotel Viking Newport Rhode Island

By the time I arrived, night had fallen and the hotel was covered in a layer of snow from earlier that day.

hotel viking interior

During my visit, much of the hotel was under construction including the front entrance and restaurant, but I did get to take a couple of photos for the social media visit.

Hotel Viking Interior
bedroom at Hotel Viking

 My room was in the historic wing of the building and decorated in the “old Newport style” .

My apologies for the dark and off color photo. Not only was I using an old cell phone, it was also taken at dusk. Can you see the glow of the sun setting outside my window? One thing I can tell you is that my bed was super cozy and comfortable!


Getting ready to go out… I had to make sure I packed the essentials for my trip! A little MAC, Chanel, Smashbox, Sephora, and Maybelline. I guess this shows my love of mixing high-low items in my everyday life.

Dessert at Hotel Viking Newport Rhode Island

As I mentioned earlier, during my visit, the hotel was being remodeled. The restaurant was set up in a banquet room, so I won’t show you photos of that, but how could I not share this amazing dessert?

Linda Davis at Hotel Viking Newport Rhode Island

Time to walk off dinner with a little stroll outside in the courtyard.

Hotel Viking

Each morning, I made a cup of coffee in my room and planned my day, which eventually turned into another cup of coffee or two downstairs before and with breakfast.

coffee at hotel viking

Playing Tourist in Newport:



I could not visit Newport without seeing the mansions right?!  Discover Newport ‘s website is a great place to learn more about what to see and do while visiting Newport. This particular tour of the mansions was a press trip for New England Fine Living and I enjoyed seeing their grand beauty. The last time I was inside the mansions was probably 25 or 30 years before, so it was a treat.

planning walk breakfast viking hotel newport rhode island.JPG


I like to go off the beaten path and visit places to walk. You know… those areas that are less touristy. After speaking with locals, I mapped my way to the historic part of Newport called the 3rd street area. It’s full of old charming colonials, bed and breakfasts, and a old house museum, vs the stone and marble mansions Newport, Rhode Island is well known for. 

Wrapping up my visit:

6 New England Fine Living writing thank you notes Viking Hotel.jpg

Photographer Emily O’Brien, one of our magazine photographers, was in town and joined me at the hotel for dinner and an overnight stay. She snapped this photo (and the ones outside) of me in one of the new updated rooms.  It was here I took advantage of some down time to write thank you notes to the staff and local business owners I met.

When possible, or shall I say when I remember, I bring thank you cards with me where ever I go.  The ones I’m using here happen to be from Crane & Co. , a New England brand.