Making plans to de-stress

relaxing at the lake.JPG

Today marks the day I finally have to book a place for my husband and I to stay during our transition from one home to another.  I know that three nights will be spent at our little cabin in Maine and five nights we will be at a new yet historic inn (more on that later), but I didn't pull the trigger on booking the two nights needed before our closing.  It's time and I can no longer procrastinate since the moving truck will be here tomorrow morning to take all of our belongings to storage for at least nine days. 

Did I procrastinate? Absolutely!  Why? I really don't have a logical answer other than it was the only thing I felt I had control over.  Not only have we been overwhelmed with packing boxes, for months we have been wondering if the move was going to happen. Add to that a list of unpleasant issues and happenings that arose during the sale and purchase process, my personal stress level has been through the roof.  Have I mentioned I'm supposed to keep my stress level to a minimum?  That's a whole other story, but I have failed miserably.

All that said, my goal for the nine days after the moving truck leaves is to de-stress and allow myself time to finally enjoy the thought of moving into our new home. I will get to start the planning process of turning a two family home historic home back into a single family home. Yes, I know that will most likely be stress inducing, but at least it will be in our unicorn home.  By late summer the home remodel will start with creating a master bedroom suite and bathroom that looks and feels like we are in a luxurious five star resort or a spa. The room design and decor will be simple, but I will be adding simple luxury touches to both the master bedroom and add spa-like bathroom.

Until then, I am looking forward to checking into a hotel room, putting on a cozy white robe, and enjoying quiet time with my Mr. without a single cardboard box in sight.