The Charm of New England

New England scent Autumn Wreath Candle Yankee Candle

Each morning, as I sit with my cup of coffee waiting for the brain cobwebs to go away, I’m either perusing social feeds, looking through one of my coffee table books for design inspiration, or I’m reading a bit more about New England to help me with my book research. (The more I talk about my home and lifestyle book, that I am working on, I am also visualizing its completion with the hopes it will will be ready for proposal soon).

This morning, the book I grabbed off of our living room shelf is a 1911 Boston Chamber of Commerce book, by George French; I loved how he described the charm of New England. I could not have said it better myself. 

With the New Englander, resident, expatriate, or descendant, the charm of New England does not have to be stated. It is chiefly quality rather than condition, and does not come easily within the limits of spoken or written words.
— George French
Boston Chamber of Commerce New England

On a side note regarding the candle I have lit in the photo above…. For those who know me or follow me, I have candles burning all year long, and for the third year running, I have been burning Yankee Candle’s Autumn Wreath. I easily get headaches from scents that are too sweet or too strong, and this one is just right. If you do not have a store near you and would like to try this candle, I have linked a few options for you through one of my affiliates sites.