Our New England Antique Home's Kitchen Goes Through A Mini-Makeover

Our Greek Revival’s kitchen goes through a mini makeover

The photos below are of the kitchen now. Within 12 months (fingers and eyes crossed), it will be very different once the remodeling project begins. We hope to open up a wall or two, add character back to the space, and make it perfect for baking, cooking, and entertaining. The last two photos of the group are from the day of our closing, this past June, and in those kitchen photos, you will see a few of the changes made to make it feel a bit more like our home.

The full kitchen remodel will not start until after we finish our master bedroom and bathroom suite which is still in its demolition phase.

New England style kitchen before remodel project.jpg

The few accessories within the kitchen are from our previous home and I am still trying to find appropriate places for them. For now, they have landed in the kitchen, including the large oil painting. I hope to have a doorway where the large painting is, which will lead into the small room where we now enjoy our morning coffee.

New England farmhouse style kitchen before remodel project before pic.jpg

The last of the Halloween party decorations have been removed and we are in the transition stage right now. In our other home, I had a Thanksgiving tree that I set up in my kitchen by mid November so that I could enjoy twinkling white lights and natural elements from outdoors while I baked and cooked. Unfortunately this kitchen is too small for our tree, so that will be set up in the dining room this year.

NOTE TO SELF - Design the kitchen so that the Thanksgiving Tree fits. :-)

New England style Kitchen before remodel project 2.jpg
New England Farmhouse kitchen before remodel

I remember the day I took the photo above and below. The kitchen was a bit dark due to the small porch overhang and the birch tree foliage outside the window. I did not hesitate to get out our ladder and cut limbs so that some sun light would gleam into the kitchen while I baked. The next of Robins were not to pleased with my antics, but they just got a better view of our kitchen window.

A simple pleasure… a little bit of extra day light can make my day! Now that it is fall and the leaves are all gone, the kitchen is full of natural light, which makes this girl very happy!

Version 2

The two photos below were taken the day we moved in. The only things I changed so far is:

I got rid of the light fixture and had temporary recessed led lights put in

Painted the walls

Turned the knobs on the cabinet doors from horizontal to vertical (yes, believe it or not, that bothered me LOL). It took me awhile to accomplish that silly little task. The pictures of the kitchen above show both vertical and horizontal positions due to when I took the photos.

New England farmhouse kitchen before remodel
New England Kitchen before Remodel.jpg

Similar LED lights