Ocean House - A New England Luxury Travel Destination in Watch Hill, Rhode Island

It was 2016, on a chilly November day, when I first visited Ocean House. I was driving along Ocean View Highway, the coastal route to Watch Hill, RI, and I was looking ahead on each twist and turn in the road looking for the iconic yellow building I kept seeing in photos.  I knew I was on the right path when a grand property, with its yellow facade came into view.  

At the time of my arrival, I did not know that this hotel was actually a replica of the original building that had to come down due to being in disrepair (see my Relais & Chateux article for more).  

Below, I hope you enjoy my photographic tour of this luxury property and some of the spaces within. Ocean House, a Relais & Chateaux Property) offers a visual treat for those who appreciate traditional interior design, decorative details, and many special touches to make guests feel welcome and pampered. 

Outside Views of Ocean House - Watch Hill, Rhode Island 

ocean house watch hill Rhode Island New England.jpg
ocean house ocean view luxury hotel rhode island .jpg

During my tour of the building and many of its rooms and suites, one thing that stood out was the amazing views it offered its guests.

rear of ocean house hotel watch hill rhode island

Interior Photos - Some of the public and semi-public spaces found in Ocean House

pillows ocean house rhode island

After you enter the front lobby, and before the bar, there is a landing spot where I found many guests seated and enjoying tea, reading, or listening to the pianist and harpist that play throughout different times of the day and night. I was lucky enough to quickly re-fluff some pillows, except for the very last one on the end, as I rushed to get a photo snapped before the next guest found a comfy spot to sit and relax.  PS: I did not Karate Chop the pillows; that is how I found them each time I walked by and just did the same with the ones I fixed for the photo :-). 

Luxury travel guide ocean house Rhode Island .jpg

The private restaurant, for members only, within Ocean House

Private Restaurant Ocean House Luxury .jpg
restaurant design ocean house rhode island .jpg
luxury restaurant design ocean house .jpg

A little "me time".

After dinner, I treated myself to a cup of decaf coffee by the lobby fire.  To my pleasant surprise,  a full pot of coffee arrived to replenish my cup as needed. Sitting by the fire... sipping coffee... and listening to piano music was all I needed to erase the travel tension in my shoulders and allow the highway drive from my home in Massachusetts quickly fade away into a distant memory. 

coffee by candlelight ocean house watch hill
Ocean House luxury travel destinations .jpg

Now this is an ocean view! 

ocean view ocean house rhode island

As I mentioned earlier, my trip was during November, the end of November to be exact, and it was one of those bone chilling days.  I remember the weather well, since I got up early for my usual morning walk and wishing I grabbed my hat and gloves out of my car.

ocean view at ocean house watch hill rhode island

Breakfast is served 

breakfast setup at ocean house rhode island

After my morning walk, I was ready for more hot coffee and a hot breakfast.  I re-entered the warmth of the hotel through a side entrance and made my way to the hostess station and was guided to this sun-filled room overlooking the ocean.  

coffee at breakfast

Below is a beautiful dining space I passed through to get to my breakfast table.  This is just off the the bar where dinner is also served. 

buffet banquet ocean house watch hill rhode island

During the evening, the tufted seating was hard to see, so I was glad to have an early peek at this room before others were seated for breakfast. 

tufted banquet ocean house
fireplace in the bar

This is one of two fireplaces to sit by in the public area. This one is in the bar and was at full blaze the evening before. 

My Room At Ocean House

Upon entering my room, my eyes rested upon goodies left for my enjoyment and I need to be honest... I went for the sweets before the cheese and fruit.  It was me time remember?  I enjoyed them without a bit of guilt.  

note of welcome .jpg
macarons and marshmallows
cheese and fruit board ocean house rhode island
entering my room .jpg

Around the corner from the entrance, I could see the king-sized bed with a monogrammed pillow placed specifically for me.  This little attention to detail hit home for me since I was newly married and I was still getting used to my new last name initial. 

luxury bedding ocean house
monogrammed pillow luxury bedding
luxury bathroom suite ocean house

Through a shuttered opening I could see the bathroom suite and I just had to investigate.  A soaking tub with bath salts, loofah, and remote for the television screamed my name! I was already thinking "which of my favorite tv shows are on later tonight?".  

bathtub with tray
bathtub tray tv over bathtub
bath salts simple pleasure little touches
bathroom sink in luxury bathroom
fragrance sticks in luxury bathroom
plush hotel bathrobe luxury shower

For the morning, the shower and cozy robe warmed my bones after my pre-winter walk and hearty breakfast. 

OHM Collection

It's the little things that make a big difference! 

binoculars in room

Over the years, I have been to many luxury inns, hotels, and bed and breakfasts and one thing that gets me every time are the little details. Trust me... I notice and I appreciate them.  I am sure the binoculars were left for those wanting to look at nature or use during a beach walk, but I put them to use looking at Taylor Swift's mansion that was right outside my window.  Did that just sound creepy?  Sorry Taylor! 


This was a first in ALL of my travels! When I left the room, I left my charging cord plugged into the wall and when I returned, not only was my bed turned down with a bottle of lavender spray next to the bed and chocolate on the pillow, but my cord was neatly wrapped with hook and loop tape.  This truly is "New England Hospitality" 

Lavender spray for a good nights sleep

Other rooms and suites in Ocean House 

entry in ocean house suite
ocean house suite watch hill rhode island
kitchen in hotel suite ocean house watch hill

The address for Ocean House:

1 Bluff Ave, Westerly, RI 02891