Our garden takes center stage with its black metal fencing.

Black metal garden fence
modular black metal garden fencing

I noticed this fence right away when I looked at our home when it was for sale.  I took note of it thinking It would have been perfect in my own raised bed garden area that had simple chicken wire staked around it. I was lucky that the previous owners left this modular black garden fencing behind so that I could jump right into gardening. Let me tell you, I am so glad they left it!  We have so many rabbits and woodchucks that our garden wouldn't have a chance. 

Since many of our social media friends kept asking about the fence, I researched it and finally found it via one of our affiliates.  This highlighted link will take you to further information.

There is some extra chicken wire that was added along the bottom for the smaller critters, but for the most part, my plants have remained safe UNLESS the door is left open enough for them to sneak in.  We have lost the tops of our carrots and some of my zucchini leaves to date.