Waking to fresh flowers and coffee - simple New England pleasures to start the day

Decorating a home with Pink Tulips.jpg

I'm a morning person, there is no doubt about it; waking to the smell of coffee brewing and walking into the kitchen to see fresh flowers on the kitchen island is one of those curated simple pleasures I do for myself.  Selecting a bunch of flowers at a local farm stand, florist, or grocery store makes me happy, especially during the cold winter days here in New England, and it has become somewhat of a decorating ritual and mood lifter I look forward to.  For the other seasons, I have made sure to plant bulbs and annuals that breath life into my gardens, then inside my home, from Spring until the late days of Autumn, but when the ground is frozen and the gardens are blanketed in white, you can be sure a bundle of fresh cut flowers, from a local merchant, decorate my home almost weekly.