Roasted Red Potatoes With Rosemary

Here is a super simple way to make roasted potatoes for a dinner for two or large gathering.

roasted potatoes with rosemary.jpg
chopped rosemary.jpg

Last Thanksgiving, we hosted a large brunch buffet and I wanted to have a lot of easy to make and serve items.

This particular year, I chose not to make the usual mashed potatoes and decided on making mini roasted red potatoes.

To prep the mini potatoes ahead of time, I sliced the potatoes, put them in large zip lock bags, and marinated them in oil, salt, and finely diced rosemary. The potatoes sat overnight before I put them on a sheet pan and roasted them in the oven.

Just A Side Note:

When roasting, try to keep the items from touching or sitting on top of each other or they will steam more than roast.