Look out lawn, here I come!

Some women wish for jewelry, I wished for a lawn mower.  

Some might say "be careful what you wish for, it might come true", but I wished for this Scotts lawn mower for our new old New England home and I was happy that it showed up at our front door! 

Scotts push lawn mower for small areas .jpg

As a child I remember the chore of using our very old and most likely dull-blade push mower on areas the little red Wheel Horse could not get to. The worst part of mowing those hard to reach places of the yard was that I had to push it uphill, both ways), but during a past visit to Martha's Vineyard, I fell in love with the somewhat odd desire to own one again.  While at the Charlotte Inn, I noticed a woman pushing a Scotts Classic Reel Lawn Mower and she was moving it along effortlessly in the front yard. I knew right then and there I would love to have one some day.

After using our new Honda lawn mower a few times in the courtyard ( I killed our Toro), I knew a non-motorized lawn mower was all I needed for that small area. I mentioned to Ben that I was going to head out an pick one up some time soon, but when he heard my intentions he ordered one on line without mentioning it to me as a surprise (do you remember the story about my white sneakers showing up at our front door?) .  All I was told was that I would be receiving a cute joke gift.  Ha! Jokes on him! I loved seeing the box at our door! I even texted him a photo of the box once it arrived to share that his "joke" gift had arrived. 

As soon as he came home, we opened the box, put on the handles, and within a couple of minutes I was pushing my new Scotts mower around the courtyard. I wasn't planning on mowing in a dress and open toed sandals, but it all happened so fast. Meh, I had already pulled a mantel off the living room wall dressed that way, so why not mow the lawn?  

Scotts push lawn mower no motor.jpg

It was perfect and I actually had fun doing it! I even asked Ben to lower the height of the blades so that I could see it cut again. Another reason we thought this mower would be great was that I wake early in the morning and love to head outside with my coffee and work in the gardens. Now I can mow the front yard too without waking anyone.  

Just to point something out - I was able to turn the handle over which worked great for my height.  I'm just shy of 5'2" and the way it was shown in the drawings was too awkward and high for me.  It may say this is a setup option in the directions, but we just looked at the pictures while putting the lawn mower together. That's how simple it was, unlike the grill we recently purchased already assembled for Father's Day due to Ben's wish never to assemble a grill again.  He's been there... done that.

Scotts Push Lawn mower .jpg

The only drawback I see so far is the inability to get close to the edge of the grass. The same goes for our Honda motorized mower, so the weed whacker has to come out either way.  Speaking of weed whackers, a battery operated weed whacker is next on my list and I have already been checking them out.  Ben has always been the one to walk around the yard with the weed whacker, but I would like to help with the edging too and the gas weed whacker is just too heavy and cumbersome for me.  

Now I just need to figure out who is going to pick up the leaves that have already started to fall due to the heat.