No more dark spaces or ugly nightlights

Not only were many of the outlets in our home being used by plug-in nightlights, honestly, I felt some of them were quite ugly. We need nightlights in some of the rooms that only have one light switch and 50% of the time that switch is on the opposite side of the room and hard to find when dark. Remember we are in an old home, so we do not have the luxury of a light switch at each door entrance like many new homes have. With a little research, my husband found a few products and ordered a few things to try in our home, one being the Snap Power Guidelight.  

The Snap Power Guidelight has lights along the bottom with a light sensor of the face of the plate.

The Snap Power Guidelight has lights along the bottom with a light sensor of the face of the plate.

When he first showed me the product, I was thrilled by the fact that I would have a nightlight and both outlets would still be available for use without having to unplug a nightlight.  I was also thrilled that during the day it would look like a regular plug.  The question was, how well would it work and would the installation be easy enough.

First the installation.  All that the Mr. had to do was take off the old outlet cover and replace it with the Snap Power Guidelight.  There is no wiring. Just two prongs that adjust themselves once put in place.

During the day, the light sensor kept it from glowing, but as it gets dark it turned on.

Now for the test. How much light would it throw to help guide the way? The answer was a lot and the perfect amount! Below you can see for yourself. 

Snap Power Guidelight 1 .jpg

The photo above was taken with low lighting in adjoining rooms

Snap Power Guidelight 2.jpg

The above photo was taken in total darkness and as you can see it is lighting the way perfectly. 

On a side note: I'm wishing these were around when I had children, but when we do have grandchildren, nightlights won't be pulled out of the outlet and I will be able to fill the outlet plug with safety covers.  

We are definitely going to be ordering more of these outlet covers and place them strategically around the home. If you would like to try them out too, you can order them through one of our Amazon affiliate links below.  

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