The General Artemas Ward Museum - Shrewsbury, MA

General Artemas Ward House Shrewsbury.jpg

While driving through Shrewsbury, MA, for the first time that I know of, my husband and I came across this beautiful historic home which is now a museum owned by Harvard University.  Below is information I found on their website about this historic New England home. 

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the General Artemas Ward Museum was the family home of the First Commander-in-Chief of the American Revolution. It stands on the Old Post Road in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, thirty-five miles west of Boston.

The house was built as a small salt-box between 1720 and 1730 in the new settlement of Shrewsbury. Though it was built for Nahum Ward on the farm that would remain in the Ward family for generations, it was not the family home. It served as a tenant home until Artemas Ward moved in with his family in 1763. It was expanded in 1785 and 1830 to accommodate two families at a time, as well as farm hands and domestic help.