How To Make a Watermelon Gin Fizz Cocktail

Creating a watermelon gin fizz cocktail for a hot summer day or night. 

As seen in our summer 2015 issue, here is a watermelon gin fizz cocktail recipe that my daughter and I created. If you are feeling adventurous, you can save the watermelon rind and create watermelon jello slices (with or without alcohol) and serve them at a party like we did!  

watermelon cocktails
watermelon gin fizz recipe

This watermelon cocktail recipe is for those over 21! 

Note: This recipe makes three to four watermelon gin fizz cocktails depending upon the amount of lemon-lime soda added.

Here is what you will need for this summer fun cocktail.

1 cup of fresh watermelon puree that has been strained

1 shot of Watermelon Pucker (this can be found at most liquor stores)

Juice of one whole lime

2 shots of gin.  I used Bombay Sapphire in mine 

Splash, dash or pour of lemon-lime soda

How to make the watermelon gin fizz cocktail

Add strained watermelon juice, watermelon pucker, lime juice and gin into a shaker full of ice and shake well. 

Pour into glasses full of crushed ice (we think crushed is prettier for this cocktail recipe, but feel free to pour over cubes if you prefer)

Add soda.

Add lime wedge garnish.

Sip and enjoy! 


Serving items I found through one of our affiliate sites that are similar to mine.

I served our Watermelon Gin Fizz cocktails on a hammered silver and rope tray we used to carry in our retail store, and it has since been discontinued, but I did find this beautiful tray from Mariposa, which is a New England based brand.