What does your favorite color mean and what does it say about you?

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After a bit of research and reading, I have compiled a list of fun facts, and what some believe to be facts, when it comes to colors. Enjoy! 

Scientists believe only humans and some of the higher primates like apes and chimpanzees, have the ability to see the full spectrum of color.  Other species only see one or two colors.

The human eye is able to see approximately two hundred colors and when these colors are blended we can distinguish as many as 8 million different shades.

As far back as 2000 BC, Egyptians used colored lights to cure people.  Treatments took place in temples of healing (their hospitals).

Sir Isaac Newton not only discovered gravity, but he discovered that the sunlight was not white, but was made up of mixture of colors.

The more color you allow in your dreams the brighter your waking life will become.

A rainbow is formed by droplets of water in the sky when the sun hits it.

Warm colors are advancing

Cool colors are receding

If you have a small garden... planting light or cool colored flowers will make your garden appear bigger.  Using dark or bright colors will advance and make it appear smaller.

Painting a high ceiling a darker color will make it seem closer while a ceiling painted white or a lighter color will give the appearance of greater height.

The colors of tranquility...

Rosy Pink, Mint Green, Conch Pink, Light Yellow, Spring Lavender, Cerulean Blue.

The colors for easy living... Highlight Blue, Antique Rose, Willow Green, Dusty Peach, Harvest Grape, Copper Oxide Green

The colors of energy... Moroccan Red, Sunburst Yellow, Hot Plum, Ocean Blue, Persimmon Orange, Bright Chartreuse, Sizzle Pink

Red Means

It is said that if you like the color red... you are daring, adventurous, like to be noticed and you have a fiery personality

Red  is the international color for danger and stop

It was the symbol of wealth before synthetic dyes came about

Red hues are very difficult to match to each other

A little red goes a long way

Sun or fire can intensify the color

Research shows that a person (even color-blind people) will show an increase in blood pressure while looking at the color red

Red can stimulate you to be more creative

Red objects appear bigger and heavier than they really are (I knew I never liked my red pants for some reason!)

The tint of red is pink which is the most calming of all colors and is used in most jail cells.

Red with black becomes maroon and this is a very strong and powerful color.

They say if you have bronchitis or anemia you could benefit from sitting under a red light.

Dreams with a lot of red can be a warning... stands for love, rage or to stop.

If you are quiet and self conscious, wearing or surrounding yourself with this color can give you more confidence.

Red can create or show ... energy, vitality, passion, drive

Orange Means

It is said if you like orange...  you have high ambitions, you are lively, chatty, and full of ideas

Pure orange is seen as a modern color

Orange red colors lack the aggressiveness of red

Orange red became first popular in the nineteenth century when they discovered a wall painting in Pompeii.

Wearing orange will let you express that "It's great to be alive!"

Orange can create or show ... joy, flamboyance, warmth, stimulation, exuberance

Yellow Means

It is said if you like yellow.... you have a sunny optimistic nature and generally happy

Dream in yellow denotes light and laughter.  If it stands out in your dreams as a very bright color (like a daffodil in a field), it is a very good omen.  It means things are going well and people are happy around you.

Yellow can bring out the golden tones in wood

In science, it is associated with quick thinking and intelligence

The most light giving of all hues is yellow

Yellow suggests riches and extravagance

Staring at yellow can increase the metabolic rate

Yellow can cause additional hyperactivity

If you need cheering up, sit in a bright yellow room

Paint a room yellow to create ideas and feel brainy.  It can sharpen your mind.

Yellow can create or show... intelligence, reasoning power, bright energy and mental ability

Green Means

It is said if you like green, you are gentle, truthful and efficient

Dream with green and you can expect things will turn out ok.  It can also mean envy

Dark green speaks sanctuary and comfort of a forest

Paler green means go and money

Mint green used alone can be boring... add a little yellow to get apple green and you have energy for a busy morning.

Green can reflect off your skin and give you a sickly glow

Green has the magical power of working with every other color

If you are excited or hot and bothered, sit and stare at a patch of grass or a calming plant

Green can create or show... balance, peace and harmony

Blue Means

It is said if you like blue you are conventional, careful and self sufficient

Sitting under a blue light can cure a headache or lower a fever

Wrap a blue scarf around your neck to cure a sore throat

Dream in different shades of blue and they can mean different things...

Sky blue is linked to ambition

Mid blue is cool and collected

Dark blue means you should think deeply about what is happening in your life

Blue is a color that can help you sleep

Be careful using some shades of blue in a North facing room.  They can feel cold and unbecoming

Add it with red accents and you will have a warmer feeling - Add with orange accents and you will have a dramatic and energized feeling

The color blue is associated with conservative people and reliability

The blue sapphire is associated with royalty and divine favor

Painting a ceiling a pastel blue can make it feel celestial

Blue can create or show.. tranquility, competence, reliability, authority

Indigo Means

It is said if you like indigo... you don't like being in the spotlight, you like to help others and you have a true appreciation for beauty

Use this color and all of your white accents will pop

Indigo can create or show... spiritual, relaxation, poetic

Violet Means

It is said if you like violet... it could show you have a tendency to show off, you are vulnerable, and need love from family and friends

Was the imperial color of Rome for many centuries and was only worn and used by kings and priests

The color of dreamers and artists

The color of wine was once thought to cure drunkenness

Pure purple is only good as accents.  Lighter versions can add charm to a wall or space

Violet can create or show... grandness, stimulates intuition, releases imaginative powers

Gray Means

It is said if you like gray, it could mean you are cautious, you have trouble making up your mind, and you avoid making decisions

Grayed colors give the illusion of distance such as in shadowing with trompe l'oile

Gray has no life of its own.

It is a good background color

Gray can dull the senses and drain positive feelings

Brown Means

it is said if you like the color brown, it could mean you are warm hearted and content to plod through life

This combination of red and yellow with a little black exudes homey comfort rather than high style

Brown can create or show... warmth, friendly, and it creates a feeling of intimacy

Black Means

It is said if you like black it could mean... you are a rebel, extreme in behavior, and reject everything around you

The best color to show of other colors

Absorbs light

Shows every speck of dust

Black has a gloomy, sobering effect.

Black is great as an accent color

Black can create or show.... sophistication, it's dramatic and stylish

White Means

it is said if you like white, it could mean that honesty is very important.  You like to be fair and impartial

Dream with a lot of white means you want to start a new beginning

Can visually enlarge a room

Can calm an intense color when mixed in

A great resting place for the eye when mixing colors between rooms or hallways

White can appear clinical and stark.  Bring in tones and textures to warm and cozy up a room

White can create or show... purity,  joy, uplifting, clean, expensive, cool

Gold Means

It is said if you like gold... you are generous, well balanced

For instant chic, add gold to a white room

Ancient wisdom  associates gold with the eyes and is believed to heal eye problems

If you suffer from nightmares, surround yourself  by an imaginary gold light or golden bubble before you drift off to sleep.

Silver Means

It is said if you like silver it indicates you have a young and lively personality