Creating a New England Thanksgiving Tree

What? You haven’t heard of a Thanksgiving Tree before? Don’t worry, many haven’t. I’m pretty sure there’s not many that a actually breakdown and put up a tree just for Thanksgiving vs the masses that seem to be putting up Christmas trees early.

This New England Thanksgiving tree is a bit different since I decorate it specifically for Thanksgiving by decorating it with dried flowers (sedum and hydrangea) from our garden, dried fruits, rich harvest-colored ornaments, and a bit of sparkle. While we enjoy turkey sandwiches the next day, I am busy transitioning the tree over to Christmas by taking out some of the dried flowers, and back more ornaments, ribbon, and beads in the color theme of choice for the year.

Below is a video on how I created the tree. I’m still teaching myself how to use my movie making program, so please be patient with me :-). I promise with each video I create, they will get better as I go.

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collecting items for a New England Thanksgiving tree
drying orange slices

I used our oven, especially for the oranges and apples, but in the past, my daughter’s dehydrator worked great too! I will say the apples did a bit better in the dehydrator vs the oven when it came to thin slices.

Cabela's Dehydrator

If you are interested in creating your own Thanksgiving tree, I found a few similar items to what I used. As a disclosure, the items below are from an outside affiliate program and may generate a commission if an items is ordered.