Two Chocolate Bark Flavor Ideas

Created with a few simple ingredients, my daughter and I whipped up a couple batches of chocolate bark to give as part of our homemade gourmet Christmas gifts.


For the dark chocolate, we melted chocolate and poured it over a parchment paper lined cookie pan then added Craisins and pistachios (for a bit of red and green), then drizzled white chocolate on top.


For a second flavor of chocolate bark, we melted white chocolate (my personal favorite) and sprinkled crushed candy canes on top. We could have stopped there, but when you have extra dark chocolate left over, why not drizzle it on top?

Once the dark and white chocolate concoctions cooled, it was lifted from the pan and easily cracked into pieces then wrapped in cellophane tied with ribbons.

Included with our sweet gifts were candied pecans that have been a hit with family and friends for years! The recipe for candied pecans can be found here.