Enjoying the simple pleasure of biking on a rail trail

Now that we live near a rail trail, my husband and I decided to have our bikes tuned up, including new seats. Yay.... new seats!  I made a promise to myself that even if I was busy working on the new old home that I would make time to enjoy some fresh air and our new surroundings.  I can easily let a day slip by if I am hyper-focused on a project and enjoying the simple pleasure of riding a bike, even if it is for only a half an hour, is one of many things I can do to relax and enjoy life. 

Biking the Rail Trail.jpg
White Skechers Ultra Ladies Sneakers.jpg

I'm hiding the big bike chain grease spot on my calf in this picture,  but I just had to show you my sneakers! I'm about ready to buy a second pair incase they get discontinued.  These white Skecher Ultra sneakers are so comfortable and comfort is key for me! They also have a slight touch of bling on them by way of silver thread used on the eyelets.  I have included a link that not only shows a close up, but you can also purchase a pair via this affiliate link as well.  The size runs really true!  I am a 6 1/2 and they fit perfectly. 

Bike Seat.jpg

My mother in-law gave me her Diamondback bike years ago, and it's finally going to get a lot of use! I have taken it out a few times in the past, including riding it on the trails in historic Concord, MA and Lexington, MA, but I have no more excuses living so close to a beautiful rail trail. The bike has even been used to ride down a long dirt mountain road in Rangeley, ME and no, not by me, I'm a big baby and like my flat horizontal surfaces.