When you wake before 5:00 am

I am both cursed and blessed with insomnia. Cursed that I have no idea what a full night sleep is or what it feels like.  I don't think I have had a full nights sleep since I was a child, but I feel blessed that I get to enjoy more hours in a day and see things that others might miss.  And yes, I have had a multitude of sleep tests and brain scans, but that's another story. This one is about this amazing sunrise! 

morning sky

On this particular morning I was up at 3:38, which has been the norm for the past week or so, and I had the pleasure of watching the morning sky unfold out of our window.  When 4:45 am rolled around I decided to get out of bed and nudge my coffee maker awake. No, I don't mean my husband, but he was awake enough to comment on how cute he thought I was for getting excited about the sky and wanting to get up to see more.  Unfortunately once I got downstairs the coffee maker was set for 5:00am so it was not ready, so I pressed the start button and went outside to get a better view of the sky. It was then I realized that at ground level the hill, trees and blasted power lines were in my view so I decided to head out for a quick walk.

morning sky

Red sky in the morning sailors warning 

Mind you these are taken with my phone and I have not modified these photos at all.  This is 100% Mother Nature.  With each passing second the sky changed colors and I was drawn like to it like a moth to a flame. 

morning sky 1
morning sky 3

Even the cows on Gibbet Hill were were mooing away and enjoying the morning sky. 

morning sky

I took so many photos and videos of the morning sky.  I will edit and add my videos later to add here too, but for now the taste of hot coffee is all that I am thinking about.