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Book Giveaway Behind the Times on Purpose

Hey friends! You may have come here after seeing one of my posts about a book giveaway. I am offering this with hopes you will help me reach a subscriber goal for my Youtube Channel Here are the details!

This is a private giveaway from New England Fine Living and has not been sponsored by the Hallmark Channel or The Charlotte Inn.

  1. Become a subscriber to our Youtube Channel. Click Here to follow the link to our channel. Yes it is a bit old and out of date, but I can assure you that is about to change with new videos!

  2. Comment Below: I subscribed

  3. The winner will be drawn on December 1st IF we reach 1050 subscribers; otherwise the winner will be drawn once we reach the goal.

  4. This giveaway is open to everyone, everywhere, and will be shipped via the United States Postal Service. (Please note: we can not ship if the UPS does not mail to your area and a new winner will be drawn)

  5. The winner will be contacted via Instagram, Facebook, or e-mail or Youtube.