Cranberries and Candles. A Non-Floral Centerpiece Idea

With Thanksgiving and Christmas arriving faster each year, I appreciate simple holiday decor touches that are easy to put together, such as this quick festive touch of a candle with cranberries surrounding the warm glow of its flame.

Cranberries used as a candle centerpiece

This quick candle centerpiece came about after I was making some my cranberry relish which uses fresh tart cranberries from Cape Cod. You can find the recipe for my cranberry relish here - Cranberry Relish Recipe

I know it’s not rocket science creating this candle and cranberry centerpiece, but sometimes when we are busy and trying to think out of the box, the easiest and most simple touches are forgotten.

All I did was place a small votive candle, that was in its own glass container, within a larger container glass container and pour in my left over cranberries. So easy right? A row of these down the center of your dining table is all that is needed for a simple centerpiece creation and they are easy to see over during conversation vs looking through flowers or tall candlesticks.