Go big or go home - Shopping for Patriotic bunting made in the USA

3 x 6 Valley Forge bunting

We are finally in our new home and I could not wait to put up my bunting for the fourth of July, but as soon as I unpacked my Fourth of July box, I knew right away the Patriotic bunting I had from our previous house was going to be too small for my liking.  I put it up anyway thinking I could deal with it and felt I would not have time to go purchase a larger size one, but once it was up, I just had to change it.   

The photo below is of the smaller size Patriotic bunting.  

fourth of July bunting on fence
Valley Forge 3 x 6 pleated bunting

Yay! Made in the USA! 

I drove to many stores to find they were already sold out, but I finally found one package at an Ace Hardware store and then after visiting a few more stores, I did find three more at a nearby Aubuchon Hardware store.  I could have saved myself time and money by ordering online. Now don't get me wrong, I love supporting mom and pop stores, but if you are not close to a store that carries red, white, and blue bunting or are short on time like I was, this exact pleated swag flag bunting is available online for $3.00 less than what I paid.

Ironing bunting

To my dismay, as you can see from the top bunting, I couldn't  take it straight out of the package and hang it. So much for instant gratification.  I had to hunt for my ironing board and iron to give all of the bunting a quick pressing.  Not the easiest of tasks with the all of the pleats and curves, but well worth it! 

In the background you can also see the smaller bunting.  I know for a fact that I will find places to hang the different size bunting I didn't use. Hmmmm. I think the chicken coop needs a little fourth of July bunting too!  I will add that picture here later if I end up doing so. 

patriot flag coffee mug
patriotic flag mug proud to be an American