Oyster Crackers are a New England tradition.

Oyster Crackers a New England Tradition

I recently posted the question on Instagram of "Who else puts these little packages of Oyster Crackers in their purse or pocket if they don’t eat them right away? " and the response proved my theory; New Englanders like their Oyster Crackers.  But, before I go any further, I have to be honest and say that not all New Englanders like them atop their soup or chowder and I can prove it. I live with "one of those people".  I looked at him like he had three heads the first time I found this factoid out. How could it be that my Mr. New England does not put crackers on top of his soup or chowder?  He will sometimes eat the crackers out of the package, but usually when our chowder, or as some of us say.... chowdah, is placed in front of us, I'm already secretly waiting to see if I will get a second helping of oyster crackers.  

While I we were staying at the Wayside Inn, in Sudbury, MA, my vegetable and white bean soup came with a package of Westminster Crackers on the side and I quickly noted the date of 1828 on their package.  I don't know what it is, but I enjoy seeing how many well-known New England brands are still around.  Now located in Rutland, Vermont, Westminster Crackers started out in Westminster, Massachusetts. 

Not so many years after the American Revolution, at the hearth of a colonial house in Westminster, Massachusetts, our first Master Baker pulled a batch of warm crackers from the oven, and a New England tradition was born.
— Westminster Crackers website

Just a few of the responses to my Instagram Oyster Cracker question

"I keep them in the house and eat them like peanuts"

"Brings back my childhood. My Mom made the best oyster soup & it wasn’t complete without the oyster crackers"

"One of my favourite images of New England - chowder and crackers"

"Me!! Isn't that what big bags are for?"