Hartwell Tavern - Lexington, MA

Hartwell Tavern – Lexington, MA

Located on what was once “Bay Road”, that ran from Boston to Crown Point, N.Y., is now a historic destination known as Battle Road and part of Minute Man National Park. Hartwell Tavern was built in 1732-1733 for Ephraim and Elizabeth Hartwell where they raised nine children. In 1756, Ephraim applied for and received a license to open part of their home as an inn. He and his family continued to do so until the 1780's.

On April 19, 1775, British troops used Battle Road on their way to Concord and again on their way back to Boston. There are no records or stories about soldiers entering the tavern for any reason.

Hartwell Tavern Lexington MA
Sign at Hartwell Tavern
Hartwell Tavern Minute Man National Park New England
Hartwell Tavern Minute Man National Park Lexington MA New England
Lexington MA Hartwell Tavern
Hartwell Tavern Clay Pipes

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