What to wear to the Newport Flower Show

If you are attending the Newport Flower Show for the first time, I would love to share a few tips from my first visit. When you read these tips, keep in mind the Newport Flower Show, which is at the Rosecliff Mansion, is held both inside and outside with a majority of the event outside on the grass or crushed stone walkways.

Clothing: When I attended the Newport Flower Show for the very first time, I noticed a large mixture of attire on the women. It ran the gamut from shorts and t-shirts to women dressed in fabulous sun dresses and hats of all sizes. If I were to say what women were wearing most, I would say comfortable sundresses, similar to the styles I posted below.

I myself wondered what to wear to the Newport Flower Show and opted to wear a flouncy white shirt, white capri pants, and natural colored wedge shoes. I knew my wedge shoes are super comfortable, but I made sure I had flats for my evening walking around town. Please note, your car is not easily accessible since you will be shuttled to the show after you park, so take with you what you think you will need.

Shoes: Since most of the event is outside, flats might be the best way to go and I MIGHT wear flats this year. If you want to wear your 3 to 4 inch high heels, unless you want to walk on the ball of your foot most of the day, due to being on soft grass, I would leave those home or wear them later if you are attending one of their evening events. Trust me, I love my high-heels, but would have been miserable.

Handbags: When I’m working, I carry a large bag for my camera, note pad, etc. but having a larger bag at the Newport Flower Show is also beneficial for small items purchased or vendor brochures . That said, I saw a sea of cute straw and wicker bags carried by many women.

The Finishing Touches: On a sunny day, don’t forget your sunglasses and if it is a cool day or you’re visiting in the evening, a light pashmina is perfect.

what to wear to the Newport flower show
What to wear to the Newport Flower Show in June