New England style decorating. Painting a brass chandelier black to look like wrought iron

Create A Black Wroght Iron Chandelier.jpg

When we first bought our home, a brass chandelier was left hanging in a room that was previously the dining room.

Attractive as is was, the chandelier was not the style I had in mind for our new home, but I knew right away that I could make it work. With a little Yankee ingenuity, I modified the chandelier with a simple spray can of black primer.

Version 2

Once the brass chandelier was removed from the ceiling, I slipped off the plastic sleeves, that cover the wiring, then wrapped the exposed wires with foil so that paint would not get into the bulb sockets or on the wiring.

painting a chandelier black

After making sure the brass chandelier was clean and free from any dust, I proceeded to paint the chandelier with a thin coat of flat black primer. Once dry, I gave it a second coat making sure I did not miss any of the brass.

Black primer on brass chandelier

Here it is, waiting for the electrician to install it. In most cases, I would have installed it myself, but once I took down a flush ceiling fixture, I saw more old wires than I expected and I decided to let an expert handle it.

chandelier painted to look like wrought iron

It finally made its debut at our Halloween Party and I love how it looks! In the video, you will also see how I painted the brass shades that were originally on the brass chandelier.

black chandelier in colonial dining room