Quintessential White New England Homes

Below is a small collection of photos I’m sharing of white New England homes and I will certainly be sharing more white homes in the future. The video, at the bottom of this post, shows 195 photos (if I counted correctly) of paint colors perfect for New England style homes.

Keep in mind these are my Editors Choice photos, from 2015 and 2016, taken during our travels throughout New England. Future photos and years will be added.

Below is just part of the series, showing some of New England’s antique and new homes painted white with black shutters, white with green shutters, white on white homes with no shutters, and several other combinations. These houses are what you would truly call quintessential New England style homes.

white marthas vineyard home green shutters green door onion light massachusetts new england.jpg

This white clapboard home with dark green shutters and dark green front door was seen during a trip to Edgartown on Martha's Vineyard. I love the bench seats built-in to the railing just outside the front door.

white victorian white trim black shutters red door Newburyport MA New England USA.jpg
white antique victorian white trim black shutters widows walk Newburyport MA New England USA.jpg

This stately Victorian home, full of detail and character is in Newburyport, MA.

White New England style home 12 over 12 windows portico peastone driveway Newtown CT New England USA .jpg

While driving to visit author and interior designer Nora Murphy at her country home, I passed by this beautiful white on white home with a black front door.

White house white trim Marblehead MA New England USA.jpg

This large white home with a widow’s walk is just one of the many beautiful homes found on the “neck” in Marblehead, MA

white house marthas vineyard new england usa.jpg

The photo above and one below are two white New England homes in Edgartown on Martha’s Vineyard.

white house green shutters marthas vineyard .jpg
White house fan light over door york maine me new england usa antique house historic home.jpg

This all white colonial home with a gorgeous fan light over the front door, was seen driving through York, Maine. The stone wall and white fence was icing on the cake.

White house black shutters black front door gold eagle over front door historic antique colonial Newport RI New England USA.jpg

This center entrance colonial with its gold eagle over the front door is located on “The Point” in Newport Rhode Island.

White home white trim window boxes second floor antique home concord MA New England USA.jpg

Check out the swooping roofline on this home and the second floor window boxes! How charming is that?! This white home with white trim and light blue door was seen during a walk around Concord, Massachusetts.

white home green shutters green door white center chimney with black cap Plymouth MA.jpg

During a quick trip to Plymouth, MA, I found this white home with its dark green shutters, and green front door during a side street walk to find Plymouth Rock.

white home green shutters columns wisteria concord ma antique historic home New England style USA.jpg

The above and below photo is of a home I LOVE to walk by in Concord, MA. This white with green shutters, Greek Revival home, shows classic columns, perfect for wisteria to adorn. Some day I hope to walk by when it’s in full bloom.

White Antque home with green shutters white columns concord ma New England historic home.jpg
white home black trim white chimney painted black top harvard ma historic antique home New England USA.jpg

Located off the center of Harvard, MA this historic white home, grand in manner, stands out from the surrounding antique homes.

white home black shiutters New England Harvard MA.jpg

Another Harvard, MA home, I have always admired how the homeowner balances the firewood holders on the front porch.

White historic home wiscasset maine new england living.jpg

Wiscasett, Maine

White historic home Wiscasset Maine New England home.jpg

Wiscasset, Maine

White historic home in Portsmouth NH New England usa.jpg

Portsmouth, New Hampshire

white colonial home maine historic new england .jpg

York, Maine

white antique home fan light over door black shutters concord ma historic new england usa.jpg

Concord, Massachusetts

spring White home white chimeny black caps andover ma.jpg

North Andover, Massachusetts

ralph waldo emerson home white antique with black shutters concord ma new england.jpg

Ralph Waldo Emerson’s home in Concord, MA

Plymouth MA .jpeg

Plymouth, MA

Newport Rhode Island White antique home green front door New England USA.jpg

Located on the Point, Newport, Rhode Island

marthas vineyard white house green shutters new england style.jpg

Edgartown, Martha’s Vineyard

marthas vineyard new england massachusetts  white antique home  green shutters green door whale sign.jpg

Edgartown, Martha’s Vineyard

marthas vineyard home white antique home green shutters green door.jpg

Edgartown, Martha’s Vineyard

marthas vineyard antique home new england massachusetts.jpg

Edgartown, Martha’s Vineyard

Kennebunkport ME White antique home black shutters white chimney with black tops .jpg

Kennebunkport, Maine

home in marblehead ma with patriotic bunting new England antique home

Marblehead, Massachusetts

Concord, Massachusetts

Historic antique home white with green shutters Topsfield MA New England home.jpg

Topsfield, Massachusetts

historic antique home white house black trim white chimney with black painted top american flag on front door Acton MA New England USA.jpg

Acton, Massachusetts

historic antique home in North Andover MA whtie home green shitters New England Style home.jpg

North Andover, Massachusetts

harvard MA white antique historic home New England granite stairs.jpg

Harvard, Massachusetts

Harvard MA antique center entrance colonial home tall thin windows historc home New England USA.jpg

Harvard, Massachusetts

Harvard antique historic home white house green trim New England style home.jpg

Harvard, Massachusetts

concord ma white historic antique home in arched windows dormers center entrance historic new england usa.jpg

Concord, Massachusetts

Concord MA antique home with arched window shutters painted white with white trim Concord MA historic New England style home.jpg
center entrance colonial white colonial home white trim red door Newtown CT New England usa.jpg

Newtown, Connecticut

captain consider fisher marthas vineyard edgartown massachusetts new england.jpg

Edgartown, Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts

antique white colonial green shutters kennebunkport maine new england style home.jpg

Kennebunkport, Maine

antique colonial white home with white chimney with black top concord MA historic town New England home.jpg

Concord, Massachusetts