Morning Rituals

Entertaining book my French Country Home

Most mornings you will find me sitting in our front room, which is also my home office, sipping coffee or tea with the sun shining in, soft music in the background, a good book in hand that inspires, and several notebooks are ALWAYS close by to jot down thoughts and stories for something yet to come. My husband is usually in his chair across from mine, catching up on emails or scrolling through some of his favorite social feeds.

As the Mr. and I discuss our new home and how each room will be used once we move in, there is no doubt in my mind that one of the rooms, that overlooks the back yard, will be used for our morning sitting room.  Two of the rooms in the home used to be sleeping porches and I plan on using one of them. The only drawback with making the sleeping porch our morning retreat is that the back of the house faces west. I am sure we will see some amazing sunsets, but I will need to see for myself how much morning light, if any, the room gets. 

I wouldn't be surprised if we end up gravitating to one of the front rooms once the morning sun beckons us there.

The morning of this photo, I am enjoying the book My French Country Home by Sharon Santoni.