A quick visit to the Red Lion Inn

Red Lion Inn .jpg

During my travels around New England, I find myself passing by or through towns that beckon me to stop and many times I do. That is one of the benefits of being my own boss, especially when my work schedule allows. 

While in the Berkshires, I was on the road after leaving a meeting, when I saw the sign for the Red Lion Inn. I have heard about this historic inn and tavern from many of my friends and I saw it on an episode of The Real Housewives of New York. Even though I was not hungry, I looked at the clock on my dashboard to see if I had time to grab a quick bite to eat.  It was a quick decision as the off ramp was approaching, but the realization of sitting longer in commuter traffic, a few hours later, would be worth the opportunity. 

Exterior Red Lion Inn New England .jpg

Once inside the front door, I was greeted and shown to the tavern. 

Red Lion Inn Tavern .jpg
Red Lion Inn Placemat .jpg

The paper placemat set in front of me was just begging to be colored! This is when I wish I had my drafting kit and colored pencils. Adulting can be so boring sometimes ;-). 

Since I arrived near the end of their lunch hour and I wanted to get back on the road as soon as possible, I ordered a simple salad and an iced tea.

Red Lion Inn Dining Hall .jpg
Stairway in the Red Liion Inn.jpg

I did not have a chance to take a tour of the property or any of the rooms, but the dining room and this sitting area looked as if I took a step back in time.  It was so charming. 

If you are ever close to Stockbridge, MA or if you are looking for a historic place to travel, it is a sweet and charming town to stop in and visit.  There are several shops and beautiful historic homes to walk by and enjoy.