How to recharge your body now that spring has arrived!

tips on relaxing and recharging your life

Are you feeling tired?  Does your life seem like it is following the same routine day in and day out? Do you feel as if you need to recharge your batteries?  I understand and have been there too! Here are a few simple things I have done that truly do help.  Please feel free to share what you like to do to relax or recharged in the comments below.  

Plan a trip to the local library to see what new books are just waiting to be read.

Create a private corner in your yard to escape.  Add a small table and chair, then enjoy a little quiet time with your favorite beverage or book.

Live in the moment... take a few slow deep breaths, listen to the sounds of nature around you, focus in on the different colors surrounding you.  When outside, look up and enjoy the sky (too many of us are always looking down, especially at our phones).  This is your time. 

Tie on your walking shoes and go for a refreshing and mind cleansing walk. 

Go through old cook books and find recipes that you have always wanted to try. Write out a shopping list and don't forget a dessert that fits into your personal diet plan. Does your town host a farmer's market? Why not grab a basket or bag and see what healthy items are available to work into your special meal.   

Leaf through your favorite decorating magazines and find inspirations for your home. Follow up by creating a dream board or dream binder with pictures and notes. 

Write a letter to an old friend to catch up (no e-mail here!)  I will add more in the future on the lost art of letter writing.

Rise early in the morning to watch the sun rise and reflect on your life and how wonderful it truly is! It really is! You woke up right?  ;-) 

Each morning, look in the mirror, take several long healthy breaths, and tell yourself "I am going to be the best that I can be today, I am a wonderful person, and I can create my own happiness which will reflect on others"

Pick up vacation brochures and plan a trip for yourself and a friend/family.  This can be a one day or multi-day getaway for next month, next year, or ten years from now.

Attend a seminar or workshop on a topic you enjoy

Get out your craft supplies (or your children's) and have fun.  Even taking out crayons and a coloring book can be very relaxing.  When was the last time you colored?!!!

Create a scented steam bath for yourself. It can help you feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

Do you have some ideas you would like to share with others?  Feel free to post them below. Oh and keep it clean!  I have the power of the delete button and I'm not afraid to use it! :-).