Windows show the soul of a home.

If eyes are windows to the soul, then these windows are showing the soul to the home.  

I recently read that the word window may have came from the word wind hole - makes sense to me since at one point in time there was nothing but a hole to let air in and sometimes let smoke out, but with further research I found several theories on where the word actually came from.  Another tidbit of information I learned while staying in a home built in the 1600's, is that some of the first period windows here in New England used parchment paper until glass was available or could be afforded.  

Luckily today windows are not only functional and made with glass, many are downright beautiful from both the inside and out.

Below are a few window pictures I have come across and saved.  As always, I have made note of the Architect, the Designer, or photographer when known. If you there is a window design photo below that is not marked and you know the source please let me know so that I can make sure proper credit is given.  

arched window bedroom floor to ceiling

Can you imagine waking up and looking out this beautiful window? Created by Architect Jane Frederick 

corner window stairway design

A corner filled with windows bring plenty of natural light into this stairway.  What a great place to curl up with a good book! 

ornate window overlooking ocean

One of my favorite window photos! This gem is in Beauport - The Sleeper-McCann Home, a National Historic Landmark in Gloucester, MA and is open to the public 

Photo Found via Pinterest - Designer or Architect unknown at this time

Photo Found via Pinterest - Designer or Architect unknown at this time

An arched window and a ceiling that follows its lines (or vice-versa) makes you feel as if you are outdoors. 

arched windows
beautiful arched window over kitchen sink
Photo from Studio M - Tampa Florida

Photo from Studio M - Tampa Florida

floor to ceiling window

Traditional arched window and hardwood floors - By Annie Tropple Interior Design 

floor to ceiling window black muttons mullions

Another window that fills a whole wall and follows the roofline.  

Oval window over sideboard blue and white china

An oval window takes place of a mirror or artwork over this sideboard.  This traditional space of blue and white was designed by Anthony Baratta. 

round window claw foot tub

This round stained-glass window is what dreams are made of! 

round window over kitchen sink

One would need to be tall enough to see out of this window (at 5'2" I would never see out of this window), but what a great concept if you want natural light, but don't have the best view out of the kitchen window.  Perfection! 

Photo via Platt Builders - Groton, MA

Photo via Platt Builders - Groton, MA

This whole kitchen design makes me smile.  The space combines both contemporary and traditional architectural details, but the straight linear lines of the windows and the cabinets all work together.